Greenrain Subscription

Get an email when codes or their prices are changed.

Service that sends you an email notification when any code used in e-claims
is changed. This also includes prices for drugs.


Both Abu Dhabi and Dubai E-claims | Greenrain

Both Abu Dhabi and Dubai E-claims

Changes published on Shafafiya or DHPO are monitored.

Updates on Any Code | Greenrain

Updates on Any Code

All coding files are part of this service: changes in Drugs list, Mandatory Tariff, Clinicians, Facilities, Payers and other codes.

Drug Prices | Greenrain

Drug Prices

Notifications on price updates for medications.

Clear and Simple Format | Greenrain

Clear and Simple Format

We send updates in an Excel file that contains the list of new codes, deleted codes and the list of updates. Both the old and new values are shown next to each other.

Instant Notifications | Greenrain

Instant Notifications

Notifications are sent almost immediately after the changes are published by the respective Health Authority.

Suggest New Feature | Greenrain

Suggest New Feature

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How it works

Screenshot number 1 | Greenrain
  • Enter an email address(es) you would like to receive notifications to.
  • Just wait for an email message from Greenrain Subscription ( in your Inbox: we’ll notify you of the changes in clinicians, facilities licenses, benefit packages, etc. If you are a premium subscriber, you’ll get a detailed report with new, changed and deleted codes attached.
  • Use the report data to update your system.


What subscriptions are available in Greenrain Subscription?
Greenrain Subscription has two types of subscriptions: Default and Premium.
What’s included in Default Subscription?
Default Subscription sends you an email once a week informing that some codes were changed on particular dates. It does not tell what coding file is changed or what the changes are. This is a free service used by those organizations that only need to know if anything was during the last week so they could download all coding files.
What are the advantages of Premium Subscription?
Premium Subscription sends you emails with detailed reports that contain the list of new codes, deleted codes and the list of updates. Premium subscribers receive such emails almost immediately after the respective Health Authority publishes the update.
Do you have a sample of Premium Subscription report?
Sure, a sample of Premium Subscription report can be downloaded from here.
How can we apply for Premium Subscription?
Just send an email to to get the quotation for Premium Subscription.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to fill out the form below. We will answer as soon as possible.