Greenrain Submission

E-claim conversion and data validation tool.

The software product for converting the source data
from an Excel file to xml files.
It creates xml transactions following the schema,
performs data validation and then uploads the xml files to Post Office.


Generate Transactions | Greenrain

Generate Transactions

Enter the necessary data in Excel and generate e-claim transactions required by the Health Authorities: Claim.Submission and Remittance.Advice (DoH or DHA), Person.Register (DoH), Member.Register (DHA).

Validate Data | Greenrain

Validate Data

Verify your e-claim data against the appropriate validation rules set.

Upload Transactions | Greenrain

Upload Transactions

Upload successful transactions to Post Office with a single mouse click.

Regular Updates | Greenrain

Regular Updates

Get a new version every time Health Authority updates validation rules or we add new features.

Suggest New Feature | Greenrain

Suggest New Feature

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Greenrain Submission? Drop us an email on

Want to Learn More? | Greenrain

Want to Learn More?

Explore our online documentation.

How it works

Screenshot number 1 | Greenrain
  • Configure your login to Post Office.
  • Create an Excel file with the input data.
  • Select the file and generate e-claim transactions of the specified type with a single mouse click.
  • Correct the errors found and generate transactions again.
  • Open Output folder with the generated file(s). Each output file is a zipped xml transaction.
  • Upload successful transactions to the selected Post Office.


What Post Offices are supported by Greenrain Submission?
Greenrain Submission supports both DoH Post Office (Shafafiya) and DHA Post Office (DHPO). In addition, it supports the following:

  • Shafafiya Public Test Environment (PTE) Post Office;
  • various versions of Greenrain Test Post Office for both Abu Dhabi and Dubai;
  • custom Post Office that you might have on your environment for internal tests.
What transactions can be generated in Greenrain Submission?
Greenrain Submission generates Claim.Submission, Remittance.Advice, Person.Register and Member.Register transactions that will be uploaded to Post Office.
Are transactions validated before generating?
Yes, transactions are validated according to the specific Health Authority rules. Greenrain Submission shows found errors and warnings in the separate window where you can review them or save the errors report to Excel file if needed. The transaction validation fails if at least one error is found by the validation engine. The transaction with warnings only is considered successful and can be uploaded to Post Office.
How to review the errors/warnings during e-claim generating?
Greenrain Submission has a useful overview section which provides information on errors and warnings related to the uploaded data. The tool performs sanity checks on the data and gives suggestions on editing/entering additional data. Any errors that are generated as part of the validation process must be corrected before generating a valid XML file.
How to determine which data set is being used for a specific transaction generating?
The set of data depends on the transaction type used. On this page you can find the list of all transactions.
What Excel file formats does Greenrain Submission support?
Both .xls and .xlsx formats are supported.
How many Excel files can be processed at once?
Only a single Excel file can be processed at a time but several transactions may be generated according to data aggregation rules.
How to ask for support?
You can always send an email to Below are some resources that might be helpful in reporting found issues:
How to Make Screenshots
Sometimes you might want to send us a screenshot of the application to demonstrate error messages or examples of data you have. Windows has a standard application Snipping Tool that can help you with it:
  1. Press the Start button.
  2. Type in Snipping Tool to find and open the program.
  3. Create a screenshot and attach it to your email.
Remote Support

In case we need to remotely access your computer to help you solve any issue, we might ask you to run AnyDesk client application. If you do not have it on your computer, please download AnyDesk client application from here.

Any questions?

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