Greenrain Messenger

Communication tool for Shafafiya and DHPO.

Tool to communicate with Shafafiya and DHPO.
You can use it to upload, download and search
for your e-claim transactions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
This is the most popular and widely used e-claims solution in the UAE.


Upload Transactions | Greenrain

Upload Transactions

Drug and drop as many e-claim files as you want and start uploading with a single mouse click.

Powerful Search | Greenrain

Powerful Search

Search for e-claim transactions using different criteria: new and downloaded, sent and received, different transaction types — all on one screen and simple user interface.

Download Transactions | Greenrain

Download Transactions

Select and download e-claim files. Or simply download all the files you found.

Regular Updates | Greenrain

Regular Updates

Get a new version every time we add new features.

Suggest New Feature | Greenrain

Suggest New Feature

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Want to Learn More? | Greenrain

Want to Learn More?

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How it works

Screenshot number 1 | Greenrain
  • Configure your login to Post Office.
  • Using another software product, generate a transaction file (or files) that satisfies XSD schema used on the selected Post Office.
  • Validate each transaction against the validation rules set; if errors or warnings found — correct them.
  • Upload ready transactions to Post Office.
  • Search for payers’ replies to submitted transactions.
  • If new transactions are available, download them and review.


What Post Offices are supported by Greenrain Messenger?
Greenrain Messenger supports the DoH Post Office (Shafafiya) and DHA Post Office (DHPO). In addition, it supports the following:
  • Shafafiya Public Test Environment (PTE);
  • various versions of Greenrain Test Post Office for both Abu Dhabi and Dubai;
  • custom Post Office that you might have on your environment for internal tests.
What transactions are supported by Greenrain Messenger?
Greenrain Messenger supports all types of transactions accepted by Post Offices: Claim.Submission, Remittance.Advice, Prior.Request, Prior.Authorization, Person.Register, Member.Register, you name it.
Are transactions validated before uploading?
Yes, transactions are validated according to the specific Health Authority rules. Greenrain Messenger shows found errors and warnings in a separate window where you can review them or save the errors report to an Excel file if needed. The transaction fails to upload to Post Office if at least one error is found by the validation engine. The transaction with warnings only is successfully uploaded to Post Office.
What are the limitations to upload transactions: number of files, file size, file format or name?
  • There are no restrictions on a number of files that you can upload to Post Office.
  • The transaction must be an XML file created according to the xsd schema of Post Office.
  • You can upload an xml or zipped xml file to DoH Post Office (Shafafiya) or an xml file to DHA Post Office (DHPO).
  • The maximum size of a transaction file is 6MB. For Shafafiya, if your xml file exceeds this limit, it may be archived and sent as a zip file instead. This reduces the file size significantly.
What transactions can I find and download with Greenrain Messenger?
Greenrain Messenger shows all transactions where you are the sender or the receiver taking into account Health Authorities licenses assigned to your Post Office login. If you select multiple logins in Greenrain Messenger, transactions returned for all of them will be displayed in the search results grid.
Can I look for a prior request or a claim by ID to trace the payer approvals?
No, there is no possibility to search for a particular prior request or a claim. Post Offices support only search for transactions, not for their content.
Can I download a transaction several times from Post Office? How do I know it was downloaded before?
Absolutely. You can download transactions as many times as you want. The transaction is marked as downloaded when the receiver has downloaded it for the first time.
How to ask for support?
You can always send an email to  Below are also some resources that might be helpful in reporting found issues:
How to Make Screenshots
Sometimes you might want to send us a screenshot of the application to demonstrate error messages or examples of data you have. Windows has a standard application Snipping Tool that can help you with it:
  1. Press the Start button.
  2. Type in Snipping Tool to find and open the program.
  3. Create a screenshot and attach it to your email.
Remote Support

In case we need to remotely access your computer to help you solve any issue, we might ask you to run AnyDesk™® client application. If you do not have it on your computer, please download AnyDesk™® client application from  here.

Any questions?

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