Greenrain Facility

E-claim solution for clinics and pharmacies.

The software solution that helps you creating and submitting e-prior
requests and e-claims to Shafafiya.
It supports all transaction types required by DoH.


E-Prior Requests | Greenrain

E-Prior Requests

Enter all required details and send your prior requests to the payer. Get notified when you receive authorization approvals back.

E-Claims | Greenrain


Convert approved prior requests into e-claims with one click to reduce risks for payment denials. Or create new claims without prior authorizations.

Price List | Greenrain

Price List

The correct price is picked up when you select a service or medication.

Own Your Data | Greenrain

Own Your Data

Your data is stored in your organization. You decide who and when may access it.

Keep It Simple | Greenrain

Keep It Simple

It takes about 10 seconds to enter a new prior request or a claim.

Regular Updates | Greenrain

Regular Updates

Get a new version every time Health Authority updates validation rules or we add new features.

Suggest New Feature | Greenrain

Suggest New Feature

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Greenrain Facility? Drop us an email on

Want to Learn More? | Greenrain

Want to Learn More?

Explore our online documentation.

How it works

Screenshot number 1 | Greenrain
  • Configure your login to Post Office.
  • Register a patient.
  • Create a prior request and send it to Post Office.
  • Get notified about the payer’s reply (whether the request is approved or denied);
  • if rejected — resubmit the request
  • if approved, convert the request into an e-claim with a single mouse click;
  • Generate an e-claim transaction and send it to Post Office.


How does Greenrain Facility work in general?
  1. Add a patient.
  2. Create a prior request for the patient and send it to the Post Office.
  3. Wait till approval is received back from the payer. You can create prior requests for other patients during this time.
  4. Convert the approved request (fully or partially) into a claim.
  5. Submit the claim to Post Office.

You can also create claims without prior requests if this is allowed by your agreement with the payer.
What transactions can be generated in Greenrain Facility?
Greenrain Facility works on the provider side, so it generates Prior.Request and Claim.Submission transactions that are uploaded to the Post Office.
Do I have to manually upload transactions to Post Office?
No. All supported transactions are uploaded to Post Office automatically.
How do I know about replies from payers? Do I have to manually download them from Post Office?
Greenrain Facility checks the payer replies automatically right after you have sent your prior authorization request.
How can I check a request status?
There is a notification panel below the menu that informs you whether new transactions from payers are available. There is also Find Prior Requests form where you can set your search criteria like request order date range, payer or enter custom text in the search field (e.g. Authorization Number, Patient Name, Member Insurance Card or Emirates ID). The search results grid shows found prior requests. The Status column reflects the current state of each request. You can filter the search results by request status too.
What statuses are supported for a prior request?
A prior request may have one of the following statuses:
  • Draft – the request has not been sent to Post Office yet for any reason.
  • Waiting for Approval – the request is sent to Post Office but no reply has been received from the payer yet.
  • Approved – the payer has replied with Prior.Authorization transaction and fully approved the request.
  • Partly Approved – the payer has replied with Prior.Authorization transaction and some activities are not fully approved or even rejected;
  • Rejected – the payer has replied with Prior.Authorization transaction and fully rejected the request;
  • Canceled – the request has been canceled by you.
How is ID generated for a prior request and a claim?
Greenrain Facility generates Claim ID and Authorization ID automatically. But you can specify your custom ID prefix if you want. There is also an option to enter the Claim ID manually. Greenrain Facility then checks that every such number is unique. All the above is managed in Settings.
What are other key features of Greenrain Facility?
Automatic Update

We constantly improve the application based on requests from our users and changes published on Post Office. As soon as a new version of Greenrain Facility is available, it is downloaded and installed automatically.

Database Backup

Greenrain Facility backs up your data regularly so that it is possible to restore your data if your system gets corrupted. Besides, you can do it manually in one mouse click.

Single-User and Multi-User Modes

You can use Greenrain Facility on your computer only, we call it Single-User Mode. Or you can run the program with your colleagues on different computers sharing the same database, it’s called Multi-User Mode.
How to ask for support?
You can always send an email to Below are some resources that might be helpful in reporting found issues:

How to Make Screenshots

Sometimes you might want to send us a screenshot of the application to demonstrate error messages or examples of data you have. Windows has a standard application Snipping Tool that can help you with it:
  1. Press the Start button.
  2. Type in Snipping Tool to find and open the program.
  3. Create a screenshot and attach it to your email.
Remote Support

In case we need to remotely access your computer to help you solve any issue, we might ask you to run AnyDesk®™ client application. If you do not have it on your computer, please download AnyDesk®™ client application from here.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to fill out the form below. We will answer as soon as possible.